Let’s use the power of family to accomplish some real work.  Below are a few ways you can help.  If you have suggestions for new projects, or would like to update us on what you have done with the ones here, please let Lee or NiCole know through the “Contact Lee” or “Tell Us Your News” links at the right.

Suggestion One:

We have very little information on the whereabouts of Rachel Hale Hoagland’s ancestors.  If you have an interest in genealogical sleuthing, this would be a great project!  Our purposes for this project have at least three facets:  to know who our cousins are; to update our genealogical record and complete the family information; to be able to invite Rachel’s descendants to join with us as we continue the work.  Comment below if you are interested so that we all know who we are working with–but you need no fancy permission to begin–just roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Suggestion Two:

The Aroet Book Committee is meeting monthly to get this important work done. If you have a strong desire to help and some talent to share, we’d love to have you on board.

Suggestion Three:

Tell us your suggestion!  What project would you like to see get some attention?  Leave a reply to let us know!

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